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Welcome at the Dutch foundation for Insight Meditation (SIM). The SIM promotes Vipassana meditation and Theravada Buddhism in the Netherlands.
This part of the SIM site mainly focusses on international retreats with teachers from East and West. For all other activities and local meditation centres across the Netherlands, we refer to the Dutch section.

8 maart, 2024 --- 13 maart, 2024
The Brahmaviharas as an Insight Practice

The development of the four Brahma Viharas - boundless kindness, joyfulness, compassion and equanimity - are key to living a flourishing, peaceful and engaged life. The cultivation of these relational qualities goes to the heart of the Buddha’s teaching – understanding that ill will, fear, despair and reactivity are not life sentences, but patterns that can be understood and liberated. The Brahma Viharas are relational qualities – engaging with the world within us and the world around us.

Christina Feldman, Yuka Nakamura
14 mei, 2024 --- 19 mei, 2024
Satipatthana Sutta Retreat

his Insight Meditation retreat will explore the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, as taught in the Satipatthana discourse given by the Buddha. It is a profound teaching that encourages us to place the path of freedom and compassion in the classroom of our lives, nurturing a heart that is receptive and unshakeable.

Christina Feldman, Jaya Rudgard
29 augustus, 2024 --- 3 september, 2024
Emptiness, Not-self and Identity

This study retreat includes meditation, study and discussion - taking a deep look at different aspects of emptiness, not-self and identity.

Martine Batchelor, Christoph Köck, Bernat Font
7 november, 2024 --- 12 november, 2024
Buddhist Ethics for the Contemporary World

In this course we will examine questions such as: Is Sīla the same as 'ethics', as we understand it in the Western world? Is Buddhism a moral psychology or a contextual ethics, or both? Why are hiri (self respect) and ottappa (shrinking back from doing wrong) considered ethical 'guardians'? Why is the ethics of 'selflessness' so important? Can the Brahmavihāras be considered an ethical foundation for living with others? How do speech, action and intention impact our lives?

John Peacock, Yuka Nakamura