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Welcome at the Dutch foundation for Insight Meditation (SIM). The SIM promotes Vipassana meditation and Theravada Buddhism in the Netherlands.
This part of the SIM site mainly focusses on international retreats with teachers from East and West. For all other activities and local meditation centres across the Netherlands, we refer to the Dutch section.

1 maart, 2019 --- 6 maart, 2019
Joshua Tree CA (USA)

Vipassana in action

In this retreat there are periods of formal meditation in the early morning, before lunch and in the evening. During the morning and the afternoon we work mindfully at different projects in the center.
There is a dharma-talk, and Q&A in the evening. During the retreat a possibility for personal interviews is offered.

Doshin Houtman
8 maart, 2019 --- 15 maart, 2019
Joshua Tree CA (USA)

Vipassana week retreat

Embodied mindfulness is the heart of the practice. During formal sitting we are aware of the changing sensations in the different parts of the body. Becoming aware of the changing body, we also become aware of the movements in the mind. Becoming more familiar with the body-mind process, we gain insight in who we really are.
The program includes mindful movements and sitting- and walking meditation. There are dharma talks, question and answers, and sharing of experiences.

Doshin Houtman
17 juni, 2019 --- 25 juni, 2019

Cultivate the spiritual faculties for your own freedom!

"This retreat is not about concentration, or absorption'', says Ayasma Kumara. "It’s about cultivating confidence, vitality, mindfulness, collectedness and discernment. When these are strong, the work for the ending of suffering becomes easier and more effective. Learn how to strengthen these spiritual faculties in this retreat!
There won’t be strict meditation schedules, but participants will be inspired to grow in wisdom."

Ayasma Kumara
17 augustus, 2019 --- 31 augustus, 2019
Fara In Sabina (RI), Italy

vipassana retreat

In this retreat we pay close attention to all the processes that arise within our field of consciousness. At the same time we cultivate a relaxed and friendly inner stance, fuelled by loving kindness (metta). This specific quality of attention can be practiced and developed. While we start to observe a broader and closer perspective on our inner processes, in a friendlier way, a greater sense of freedom arises, enabling greater creativity, friendliness, compassion and humour. Meditating helps us seeing through our constricting illusions, releasing the burden of having to uphold these, including the greater illusion of the self. To make this insight a lived experience it is crucial to approach all phenomena in body and mind with a loving equanimous stance.

Henk Barendregt, Mirjam Hartkamp, Antonino Raffone