City retreat Amsterdam with Sr. Virañani

Metta en Karuna

The theme will be the practice of cultivating metta (benevolence) and karuna (compassion). These heart qualities will be gradually developed, beginning with ourselves as recipients and subsequently opening and expand towards all beings. This retreat is suitable for starting and advanced students.

Sr. Virañani
English. Er is iemand om te vertalen voor als dat nodig is.
dinsdag, 27 december, 2022
vrijdag, 30 december, 2022
School of T’ai Chi Chuan
Kerkstraat 441
1017 HZ

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Riët Aarsse

During a part of the day we will come together in the Kerkstraat, we practice together, there will be a short dhamma talk and exchange (Q&A). The city retreat offers the opportunity to take the practice home, our experience is, is that city retreats are powerful ways to deepen our practice while also living daily life. Feel welcome. Translation will be available if needed.

More details will follow. Registration will start in October.

Deze retraite wordt begeleid door:
Sr. Virañani
Sr Virañani is known for her deep wisdom and experience in sharing the practice of these heart qualities (brahmavihara’s) and vipassana. In the world we live in, these qualities are more needed then ever. Or in her words: ‘let the difficulties of the world open our hearts’. Venerable Ayya Virañani is a Buddhist nun from the USA (Hawaii). It is deeply rooted in the Dhamma through practice, study and transmission of the Dhamma. She has been meditating since 1979 in the Burmese tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw, the Thai forest tradition, and has worked in the Insight Meditation Society in the US. Sister Virañani was ordained as Bhikkuni in Myanmar in 2006 under Sayadaw U Pandita and is now attached to a renowned meditation center (Chanmyay Myaing of U Indaka Sayadaw). She has been guiding retreats in many places around the world for years. She speaks with great compassion and makes the traditional texts accessible with many examples from everyday life. One of her specialties is Metta meditation.