City/online retreats

Sr. Virañani

This autumn, Sr. Virañani will come to The Netherlands and Belgium to guide several online and city retreats. These retreats will give you the opportunity to practice intensively during several days, while you sleep at home and have your activities during the day. This will help to integrate the meditation into your daily life.

Sr. Virañani
English, Nederlandse vertaling mogelijk
Starting date: 
vrijdag, 4 november, 2022
Starting time: 
There are several retreats. For the exact dates, please check blelow.
End date: 
vrijdag, 30 december, 2022
Several towns and online

More information and registration

Contact name: 
Heidi Rommens
Please register with the local organisation of your retreat

Metta weekend
4-6 november

Metta Stadsretraite “De kracht van metta en vipassana in tijden van onzekerheid”
13-18 november

ONLINE City retreat “MUDITA”
20-26 november (optional: Mudita meditation day near Antwerp on November 27)

City retreat
3-9 december

Village retreat
11-16 december
Info en inschrijven:

Kerst stadsretraite “Metta, cultivating the good”
18-23 december

City retreat
27-30 december

This retreat is led by:
Venerable Ayya Virañani
Sr Virañani is known for her deep wisdom and experience in sharing the practice of these heart qualities (brahmavihara’s) and vipassana. In the world we live in, these qualities are more needed then ever. Or in her words: ‘let the difficulties of the world open our hearts’. Venerable Ayya Virañani is a Buddhist nun from the USA (Hawaii), with a deep knowledge of the Dhamma through practice, study and transmission of the Dhamma. She has been meditating since 1979 in the Burmese tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw, the Thai forest tradition, and has worked in the Insight Meditation Society in the US. Sister Virañani was ordained as Bhikkuni in Myanmar in 2006 under Sayadaw U Pandita and is now attached to a renowned meditation center (Chanmyay Myaing of U Indaka Sayadaw). She has been guiding retreats in many places around the world for years. She speaks with great compassion and makes the traditional texts accessible with many examples from everyday life. One of her specialties is Metta meditation.