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Welcome at the Dutch foundation for Insight Meditation (SIM). The SIM promotes Vipassana meditation and Theravada Buddhism in the Netherlands.
This part of the SIM site mainly focusses on international retreats with teachers from East and West. For all other activities and local meditation centres across the Netherlands, we refer to the Dutch section.

23 oktober, 2018 --- 29 oktober, 2018
Lage Vuursche

Insight Dialogue Retraite

Insight Dialogue is a Buddhist training for the cultivation of wisdom and compassion through meditative dialogue. Insight Dialogue is a way to integrate the insight and calmness of meditation in interactions with others. These contacts can be a source of joy but also stress.
Gregory Kramer developed a method to cultivate sati (mindfulness) in speaking and listening to other meditators. Periods of Vipassana meditation alternate with dialogue sessions. Outside these dialogue sessions ‘noble silence’ will be cultivated.

Phyllis Hicks en Florence Meleo-Meyer
23 oktober, 2018 --- 28 oktober, 2018

Dhamma reflections & vipassana

Combining reflections on classical Pali discourses with the practice of mindful awareness, questioning and collectedness, this retreat will seek to uncover what lies at the heart of the Buddha’s teaching and ask how such ideas might be interpreted and put into practice in today’s increasingly secular and interdependent world.

Martine and Stephen Batchelor
17 juni, 2019 --- 25 juni, 2019

Cultivate the spiritual faculties for your own freedom!

"This retreat is not a focussing camp", says Ayasma Kumara. "In fact it’s not even about focussing, or concentration. It’s about cultivating confidence, vitality, mindfulness, collectedness and discernment. When these are strong, the work for the ending of suffering becomes easier and more effective. Learn how to strengthen these spiritual faculties in this retreat!
There won’t be strict meditation schedules, but participants will be inspired to grow in wisdom."

Ayasma Kumara